Whole grains are much healthier for you compared to refined grains. Here are a few facts for you to think about during your next adventure to the market: eating foods containing whole grains are tasty, nutritious and contain dietary fiber which can help lower your cholesterol levels, risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Because you will feel ‘full’ faster from ingesting whole grains, you will most likely eat less and lose a little weight in the long term. Whole grains contain vitamins that your body needs on a daily basis for proper homeostasis and keeping your immune system in tip top shape. Refined fibers can’t help you…period.

Whole grains can be eaten as a main meal with vegetables and protein sources or can be a wonderful side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Read the nutrition labels when shopping for whole grains. Just because the bread looks ‘brown’ doesn’t mean it’s made of whole grains (there could be molasses, sorghum, brown beer or other products that will alter the color of refined grains and white flour).

Whole grain foods to look for at the market (non-GMO are best if you can find them) include: whole wheat, whole grain barley, whole oats, oatmeal, wild rice, red rice, brown rice, black rice, popcorn (hold the butter, please), whole grain corn, millet, buckwheat, and graham flour.

Enriched grains are food products that have lost their vitamins and nutrients during the processing phase. Vitamins and nutrients are added back into the grain product after the milling process. These food products are not as good for you as whole grains.

Refined grains (think ‘white’) are those food products where the germ and the bran have been removed through processing. This increases the shelf life of the food. White flour, white rice and white bread fall into this category. These products are not as good for you as they have no dietary fiber left after the processing stage.
The La Vie En Or program at the Golden Acupuncturist ™ is offered only at our clinic. This plan focuses on your personal health goals and creates a weekly itinerary designed just for you that includes acupuncture, exercise, stress reduction, and nutritional education (how to plan meals prior to grocery shopping, creating lists and, if needed, simple and easy meals to prepare). To learn more about whole grains, nutrition and La Vie En Or, please email or telephone our office to schedule a consultation.



It’s August and as the summer holidays come to an end, what a better way to create long lasting memories by having last minute summer fun!  Good Housekeeping.com has a wonderful  end of summer bucket list filled with inexpensive and fun activities that can be enjoyed by family and friends of all ages.  I will leave you with the link below.  Enjoy this last month of sun, warmth, watermelon and fun!


It’s almost time for the children to return to school and every day, there are more public service announcements promoting the benefits of vaccinating children to protect them from diseases thought to be eradicated years ago in this country.  There are some people who are terribly misinformed about the value of vaccinations and this is a shame; they and their family members are unnecessarily suffering from childhood diseases that bring lifelong health issues because of ignorance, misinformation and unwarranted fears.

It seems obvious to me both personally and professionally that the generations that are raising children these days have no knowledge of the historical importance vaccinations have on mankind in the modern age.  Who out there reading this blog can remember the child in school who contracted polio and spent their entire lives in a body brace because they had not been vaccinated?  How many men were rendered sterile because they contracted mumps as little boys?  How many children were born with severe mental retardation because their mothers contracted german measles?  The list can go on and on.  The false information publicized by a disgraced physician (I won’t name him…google it) that vaccinations cause autism has long been disproved, yet there are those people who believe what we now term ‘fake news’.


Vaping and e-Cigarettes

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there is evidence that vaping and e-cigarettes might not be the most effective or safe method to quit smoking conventional tobacco products.  Here are some reasons why:
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Exercise Doesn’t Have to be a Workout

For many people, the idea of walking into a gym filled with 20 somethings in little workout clothes hopping and grinding their way to a better bikini body can be intimidating enough to walk into the revolving doors and staying there until the door exits you back into the street. Same situation applies for the guys…grunting and pressing enormous weights with bodies that look like the Incredible Hulk can be very intimidating to the fellow who hasn’t worked out in years. Don’t despair! Some of the best forms of exercise really don’t have to be performed in a gym and the benefits of these activities can be fun, not expensive and reap many rewards. They can help you to keep your weight within normal range, strengthen your bones, improve your balance, motor and cognitive skills, protect you from cardiovascular disease, improve your blood pressure, decrease inflammation, improve joint pain, lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and help prevent urinary leakage and pelvic floor conditions.
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Chill n Grill Safely This Summer

The CDC just published a great ‘cheat sheet’ on how to ensure you grill safely without contracting food-borne illnesses.  Check out the link for food safety tips.  Enjoy your 4th of July Independence weekend.  Be safe and have fun.
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Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles.  It is responsible for your sex drive, sperm production, and helps to build bone and muscle mass. As a man ages, his body’s ability to produce testosterone decreases.  The American Urological Association has stated that approximately 2 out of 10 men who are older than 60 years of age have low levels of testosterone.  These levels further decrease as men reach their 70s and 80s.
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Great Sex During Your Pregnancy

Many of my pregnant patients ask me if it is safe to have sex during their pregnancy and at what point should they cease sexual activity.  Good questions and here are some answers for you.
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